Thursday, July 30, 2020


While at the crossroads....which some of us  reach more often than most others do in our careers....I have been accosted with a whole lot of suggestions from a host of sympathetic people ranging from my equally languishing neighbourhood friend... to the ever so warm young wise men I stumble upon who perhaps feel stealthily good to note my discomfiture at being currently a general nuisance at home.

They tell me why not I get into the world of online training, consultancy and mentoring. "Consider your special attributes, sir..." they say.... "with your repertoire, exposure, experience etc. you should be doing a number of online sessions and earning a few lacs in under a month...and in the process build a brand and have everyone eating out of your hand while you keep raking it in...." 

Mmm. Then they talk to me of webinars. The 
'in-thing' now they vouch. They go on to talk of every Ajay, Azhar and Alex....Ann, Aruna and Afiza doing it effortlessly and laughing all the way to the Bank, pooh-poohing the drab Covid season.

But I, for more reasons than one, seem to resist this because to me a webinar is a dull orchestration of all your histrionics and articulation that gets wasted and spent over a flat, dumb screen. And with no certainty of whether you are being seen or heard at all clearly and consistently . .. due to perpetually error-prone Wi-Fis in most houses... while you risk talking and doing all dramatics in front of, for all that I know,  a plain straight-wall. 

"Where is your audience?" I ask. "Virtual? Virtual where? Who's applauding? That deliberate remark I made wasted? Why is there no excitement? Zoom in and out. How many there? Only 6 so far? What kind of promotion did we do...? Sunk our monies there for six infernal blighters ...that too virtual? Or were they the few cronies who generally attend and make their presence commenting, as in an fb live Karaoke session, ready stuff like "Amazing, Wah Wah, 10 on 10, You Rock" etc etc."

Yeah, I admit there may be exponents in the art of conducting webinars and there also maybe online superstars who carry and display their skills so effectively while netizens all over the world stay glued and follow them all to the last word...and also benefit in good measure.

If i still put in all those efforts and then get to see a very limp response I will begin to rue the day I took my first step. "No" says my daughter. "You have a class which you will never know and you will overcome all these initial hiccups easily. You will easily master this game Dad and this is right up your alley..." Maybe she would have added, "And you have no better choice now Dad,"... but she didn't. She is more confident than most of my followers ( er....from my dreamy past tho' ) about my online success and stardom.

Any which way it looks like I cannot ignore this. Not again. And I don't think there are enough avenues for a real senior like me because at my age, which is just a number I know, you either do or you might as well DO. 

I shall soon begin my net practice...throw in a cork ball ...and begin to bat as whimsically as I can into the nothingness called the web. 

#Webinar I come...!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Never have we all experienced a state of fear, uncertainty and this in our lives. Every video and image forward today in the social media is only about Corona. The COVID-19.

I am no exception to this premonition of an impending catastrophe... but I am trying to remain calm by reassuring myself that all will be well. And telling myself that it has never happened before and it will never happen to me and us. But soon I see another message or a visual of the enormity of this PANDEMIC and I shrink and cringe in some untold fear. Will I survive this? Will I outlive this? I am a diabetic and am also hypertensive and have also crossed 62. In all other cases and clauses I won't qualify for I have no cough. I wash my hands everytime I pass by a tap ( My niece Chandra had taught me from school). I stay at home most times even before this spread and now more so. I love and eat home-cooked Brahmin food. Yet I am worried sick.

All my standing invitations to my cousins and inlaws and some friends stand cancelled. Am now a forced recluse. My morning newspaper I read with gloves. I wash my resistance bands while gymming to be doubly sure ( not being clear about sweat being a carrier ). I have begun my parishshanam for once in my post poonal life before I eat. I ensure distances are maintained even more than prescribed social barriers. I sleep in the living room all by myself. My wife is delighted though. I brush my teeth and bathe twice a day and also at will when in doubt. No Swiggys. No Amazon online orders. No other Big Bazaar deliveries without a complete alcohol sanitisation.

I have also abandoned my search ( done till last week ) for a new flat. Even if I resume I will not opt for amenities like Swimming pools and Community halls and Aerobic rooms in the projects.

But there is hope now because I chant all the mantras I know and I have added to the list the several forwards I have recieved. I am these few days clad in a dhothi and Kurta...all neat and fresh and clean like a newly bloomed lily with all that dew of fear bottled within...chanting away to glory. The Gods will soon stand appeased.

Corona has divided us but has chastened us beyond measure. The one indulgence and the only evening pastime I had thought was perennial has also now been withdrawn ...thanks to the new govt. order this morning closing all Liquor shops that sold the decent life-saving beverage to some of us.

Is this not hastening the chastening of humanity ...?

Take good care all of you... dear socially distanced but not ostracised friends /relatives ....and follow my footsteps. Meditate. In silence.

Will meet at the Mantri Mall on April 1st 2020.
So long till then...

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sahaj Samadhi ... mediate to meditate..

The Sahaj Samadhi course I attended, thanks to the perseverance of Shrey whose passion we all know is contagious, turned out to be good enough to provide me some answers to my ever restless mind.

Meditation to me has long been a series of miserably failed attempts after sitting cross-legged with eyes squeezed shut for barely six fully conscious minutes.

I have blogged on my elusive search to figure out how people really meditate challenging them to prove that they did. Did they discover themselves? Go deep into their own selves and speak to their own souls? The thoughtless state? Nirvana? Stripped of the material clothing of worldliness and materialism.? Wasn't that or even a brief glimpse of that considered the gateway to meditation?

Well well Ms Rajalakshmi Sampathkumar took us all through a one way journey in the beginning and got interactive in the end today and answered queries. The highlight of the whole session was that with GURUJI'S direct blessings each one of us were blessed with a unique mantra. This mantra is like a shield or an armour for us. Much is left to our faith of course.

But well you have got something to bank upon now when you sit cross-legged next. She told us that yes what we were doing so far is meditation in its entirety. Don't give up. Flowing and powerfully flowing thoughts like mine are indeed the very ideal manifestation of good meditation. The purging away of these thoughts with the help of the sacred the solution to all our search for the most pristine form of meditation.

Thank God. I have my mantra now and I am reassured that I am on the right track. Meditation is no rocket science....and all is well with my limited assessment of my spiritual leanings.

Thanks Shrey and the many mentors AOL has in its growing empire. Count me in.

Jai Gurudev!

Thursday, January 3, 2019


29 December 2018 17:32 Fast running out 2018... Breathless entry 2019... Promising great turnarounds... Clear Capable Governance...when all long-term good done lasts..short-term hurdles pass...ushering in Fresher air...Easy living... Honest-to-God Goodness... Guileless Bonhomie...Barrier-less Society...Crisp,Cleaner Streets... Zero traffic hurdles...Full Metro Connectivity...Nothing Anti-social... Utopian Sunshine...PEACE at last....!!! Oops...will soon be out of the stupor Of that last crazy 2018 night...! This time around tho' our wishes won't remain unfulfilled... Watch out! HAPPY GLORIOUS NEW YEAR 2019... Raman Sandhya Pratiba

Have I lost...?

Not much as I thought it was...
a quick glance forward...and I knew;
Age caught up faster than I sped...
do I now compete or withdraw...?

Been this for some seasons I know .... beat'n her in straight sets..till now..
She has that advantage point..I know
like a vanquished star i step back now.

Bowing to the booing crowd I retreat..
Now aloof, cold and distant...
Was this the same audience...rapt
in attention once danced and clap'd?

All these years had 'em all flor'd...
Thrilled they were they came n roared
Every show they whistled n cheered
growing old.. my charts still soared ...

Good for now..done and dusted clean.
and make sure the floor had the sheen
Look now for that red exit sign....
gently step out and resign.

Friday, December 29, 2017