Friday, November 26, 2021


 • Any minor or major event or accident that happens in anyone of our lives... one can surely expect the first phone call to be from her.
 • Anxiety and concern are inborn qualities that shape her....
 • And in striking contrast is her indefatigable love for any form or manner consumed in anyq private corner... be it in a train or in the secure recesses of a mobile Railway loo.
 • Lovable all the way from her leadership role as a model shopkeeper in our early school days where she helped us set up shop of all our tiny belongings like toys and little trivia we had ....and more importantly when she masterminded a Pooja of that trivia and distributed prasads of Kalyana athimber's sweets brought just that evening from his office.
 • The Star club...was another notable example of her creativity streak... full of skits, in which I acted too.
 • She is adorabl to say the least. Her most visible habit of twisting and clamping a sumptuous portion of flesh on the side of her neck with the tips of her fingers to a growing teenage girl...was an act medical science can never diagnose.
 • I have a hundred tales to narrate ...on her and her antics. "Dohba Dowry' one more.
 • Her a) quick feminine recoiling at any mention of some absurd passing profanity...b) her singing the one carnatic composition she learnt ( till her master lost track) all invited Navaratri homes......are all just a few of her very, very truly intrinsic qualities that bring back a treasure chest of hilarious and fond memories.
CHANDRA. Starry and wide-eyed. Engineered dramatically different. Embraced OCD as her second nature and loved it. Embarrassed and shamed the very Covid Hygiene protocol by her sense of flawlessness and spotlessness.
She will remain an enigma and her very persona wiĺl pale out all her peers who are in the race to living a contented, clean life.
Love her..all the way.
The Hygiene Warrior.

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