Monday, February 27, 2023

a premonition..

A nerve suddenly twitched
I clutched my heart in fear..
Was this an attack...? Epileptic
Or that dreaded heart attack...?

I moaned and was slumping..
Hands were all o'er me. "Hello,
are you okay?"someone yelled..
There was silence. All still..
Then I heard 'em all whispering.
Pale-faced folks in white overalls.. 
looking lost at the noisy monitors
in that sprawling ICU...I was alone.

My folks knew my class even when sick...and so cared to treat me best;
That branded hospital's superior corner suite... spoke the rest.

At midnight they wheeled me out..
thought I was headed to the ward.
'Twas dark and none around there
That silence was eerie. Oh, did I die?

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