Friday, November 26, 2021

Vaithunna-Chandra 50 yes wedbliss

My first ever wrist watch, day n date, gold plated with a gold chain...was his and he gave it to me when I said I liked it. I was 14. 

40 Rs in 1970 for my first school picnic trip he gave me when all elders at home opposed and rejected it.

To my young brain he was an idol when he narrated how he had staged a walk-out from Crompton Chandigarh....with the words "Let Crompton Greaves enjoy by keeping my unpaid salary for the month. I resign". Green rings in my ears.

He will turn around and shed quiet tears when leaving Kolkata after taking leave from my mother...every single time.

All encompassing as is his wont... we all know how Vaithunna had seen very tough times and his state of being jobless at some point in his long career, clearly explicit in one painful expression (in that Andheri Railway Station that day when I saw him breakdown in a complete giveaway of his innermost trauma) stirs me no end. I had gone to send him off to Ramagundam I think. I cried all the way home. Can still do if I recall that incident.

His allegiance to his family he NEVER made an exhibition of. Distinguished, distinctively different from the rest, composed and markedly restrained.....he could swallow his words in one long, drawn-out state of endurance.... when faced with an acutely embarrassing family encounter. Oh how many can I recall...! 

I enjoy the freedom to drink and indulge in the presence of mostly all elders in the family. BUT he is an exception. His presence instills respect not fear. He doesn't demand but deserves attention.

Difficult to find another simplistic human with such clean virtues and also a subservient husband who could take hygiene to a new level egged-on by Chandra. 

Gentleman, though shalst can only be Vaithunna. 

The Chandra-Vaithu combo like long nurtured wine has stood the test of time...and turbulatuons. For 5 decades of such quality existence 
(sorry co-existence) we bow austerely to this duo and seek their good wishes and blessings.

Wishing them a Long, Cool, Healthy life in Perpetual Mirth. 


Ravi Sandhya Prat.

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