Friday, March 4, 2022

Of the Oohs and Aahs...!

How rapidly have our lives moved on… aided by Covid and by our own desire to spend time at the "edge-of-the-seat" as loudly proclaimed by all makers of 'a spate of web- thriller' series. Like a family of proven idiots again, again and all over again, we (I mean my family) watch all those OTT releases in the last couple of years (from several of them like Ashram, Arya, Human, Ye Khali Khali Ankhen, etc to the recent Fame Game) with the hope of knowing who was behind it all? Were these real whodunits? The story-tellers now get away with murder faster than the villain(s) of the piece we are made to suspect in the 8 long episodes. Despite our binge-watching, he/she is never found and exposed. The clever, strategic advisors (as silly and ridiculous as it may sound ) to these ghastly lot of producers decide to leave the loopholes unplugged in the last episode/scene with a subtle note to the audiences that there's more to come - a sequel which will soon address this in a year or so. 

So much for our intelligent, wise directors, story-tellers and actors and all their bandwagon of master strategists. And the audience like us yawn our way to bed in the early hours of the day tut-tutting to the rest of our stricken family with gestures that would mean... "I told you so!" Till they are misled again the following day...!

There has to be an ordinance banning tall claims made by these people. There also has be a sentence awarded to them of some non-baillable prison-time and an equivalent compensation of valuable man-hours spent by innocent families after being misled to watch their gory brand of violence, murders, sexual innuendos, rapes, and rotten, steamy bedroom scenes where all the so called actors have to use superlative expletives as though they are in a rush to complete what they so earnestly began. More importantly, we are forced to watch the bare behinds of all these characters with their female counterparts thrusting themselves on each other wildly in such wanton motion like beasts in the jungle, unmindful of being on camera... ooh-ing and aah-ing vulgar exultations.

They bans adult citizens' content in cinema theaters and have successfully ushered them home right into our family rooms....!
For family viewing...
Wah, family time folks!

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