Tuesday, November 14, 2017


It is so very difficult to take sides today. In a highly engaging society that is getting more and more vocal on all issues starting from sanitary napkins to global warming..I don't seem to be insulated from being tossed around, tormented, troubled or at least trolled even if I were to voice my honest opinion on even not-so-very-touchy subjects.

Social media is a very vibrant and an important networking medium and it is customary to pass on all the forwards received to all and sundry just to keep the warmth glowing in a make-believe society. Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter...they are the status symbols of a trendy, supposedly well- informed lot. I am not branding all of them out there to belong to this masquerading lot. I am a very low key player myself...and would prefer to remain that way. I am not sure if I will ever be heard or read even if I were to have voiced all that occur to me every time there is a controversial topic discussed. I play safe and remain passive.

MODI or RAGA, Amar or Asgar, Rightists or Leftists I mumble my cautious sympathies to the affected or the offended and post my honest prayers for PEACE.

In a depressing world the freedom to express is only for the brave. I am cool and will like to be called a diplomat. Period.

Play Neutral. Play Safe.

That is my "Bold Tweeting Mantra"

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