Monday, November 13, 2017

Ramble again


Well well... it's ages since I connected with this blog page and I had almost forgotten the access to this. And today thanks to my ever dependable Sandhya, my wife for over a decade and a half, here I am! At it again...!

What is this blogging after all to me. Even as recently as 2 years ago I remember a new comer to my office then had remarked that she had seen my blog and was visibly moved by what it contained. Which of course was my last blogging effort way back in 2013 or so as I remember. Since then I have been asking Sandhya to help me retrieve that blasted access point to blog again and wait for another stranger to tell me that I moved her too. Thereby inferring that I still had the moving potential.

And today at this specially anointed hour I have begun to pour forth all my thoughts both prosaic verse and verbose prose to ensure that I keep myself occupied in the leanest of my periods in my more than eventful corporate career that was...!

I promise to be around and address an imaginary audience. I am sure I have an assured viewership in my family. I take care of them well,

Ha Ha ...!!!

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