Tuesday, November 14, 2017



  In full blossom he stood tall
   in all that he did
...and now let’s define what he did,
what it meant to stand tall and how ‘tall’ was ‘tall’?

His fondness to love and cuddle... all that was cuddly;
his love for cute small stuff like pens and pins;
his untiring, unprovoked bursting
into old Tamil melodies.

His untarnished voice spelling melancholy that
would tug at your heartstrings;
that you’d think he suffered more than the actor who
donned that role.

His fetish for cleanliness..,to break away
 from the gathering filth;
to wash with Rin and coat again with a
dash of Ujala all day long…

His spotless white attire matching with his
blemish-less curd rice;
             his diary recording of mundane daily events;
             his inherent craving for perfection.

His love to relate and regale audiences...his instant
switch to boredom when uninterested;
his limitlessly curious mind
to know more about the ordinary.

His inadvertent display of ignorance, raw innocence;
his childish delight at the small
things that now stand denied...and his quick
resigned acceptance and adaptation.

His carefully cultivated curls now thinning
where it should not … and his
receding hairline accentuating his bright
dazzling complexion now glowing and expressive as ever.

His quick emotional endurance 
to news of mixed events;
his self-imposed smile when in a hospital bed…
not once displaying his plight.

His reaction to the realisation of being a victim
of science’s most flaunted diseases like
diabetes, hypertension and renal impairment…
 just his passive, resigned shrug

Never a display of despair though can’t miss his furtive eyes
Lurk out for the next fried chip.
And his version of how well he adhered to 
prescribed, disciplined self-care.

As he religiously pursues the imposed schedule of
do’s and don’ts over the next few months;
one can soon see his triumphant smile
when he bites on a forbidden benne masala dosa.

   He ‘tall’ stands like only ‘he' can..
and that is the brother I adore,
compliment, love and even emulate
and for him I will my kidneys store.

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