Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muse, excuse!

There have been times in the past when I have felt lost. Many times for that matter. And every time I felt low I reached for a sheet of paper and wrote poetry. I felt better or atleast I thought poetry as a remedial measure was soothing during difficult times. I picked words that reflected my thinking and tweaked them around... and with rhyme and rhythm neatly introduced... a work of art was born. Or so I thought!

And soon I recovered from my depression. And celebrated my newly created lyrical gem with select cronies who were my first circle of friends and relatives ever ready with their praise. And I always chose such guys with care. I surely wanted no accomplished poets in my circle. I was clear. My followers need to be simple and just about reasonably well read in order to understand and appreciate the dexterity with which someone wrote in the English language. And particularly poetry. And if perchance I had an intellectual for a friend ( I seem to have a ghastly lot of them these days, not by choice though!)i never brought the topic of poetry to him. I knew my onions about relationships, you see...?

And cut to today.... those bad depressing times but of a different breed altogether seem to be heading only in my direction all over again..regardless of purpose. After Iago I see some motiveless malignity at work again!

When the soul is thus tormented I now seek to blog. It is easy! And refreshing! Everybody blogs. Not all of them are well read to become critics. There is assured anonymity and therefore safety with those who do not know you. And with those who do.. you should not disclose you blogged.

When poets become bloggers, you bet, they need followers sure! Hey, my old cronies where are you? I need to seek the help of my young daughter now to trace those blighters through some 'old alumni' prompts of one of those darned websites that will bring back memories of the infernal institution that tutored us thus..

Ofcourse I need followers. Reasonably well read undergraduates with a set of adjectives that can pass of as comments that commend a work of art. Anybody around...?

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