Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is another of those days that frequent me again. Times of sheer despair.You cannot describe this special degree of 'low' that you experience. It stresses, suffocates and stifles you both mentally and physically too. Somebody engineers this from somewhere and you cannot pinpoint who. But you have a ready list of suspects with one or two of them surely topping the list.

And as is my wont I begin to experience deep spirtual awakenings from within. Maybe this is the inbuilt, involuntary mechanism that guides us all to seek the 'self' to get the required relief. The suspects in your list cannot invade the privacy of your private religious domain and influence the Almighty to further dampen your spirits, right? I then seek the next best advocated route of meditation. Transcedental or otherwise.

Meditation as a process is so fascinationg to read or hear someone speak about. I meet many who declare that they meditate at will. And all of them tell me the same. It's easy with regular practice. Close your eyes. Sit relaxed and erect. And concentrate on nothing except an imaginary light straight ahead. And let the mind travel and gradually let the thoughts drift by and then... At this point they fail to convey anything. They say Peace envelopes you thereafter. And when I do all the above every conceivable thought ranging from the perverse to the inane pass through my mind with some of them so static that I need to force myself out of this imagined trance to come back to reality. I have always felt that during my non-meditation times ( sorry attempts! ) I think straight. There sure is instant relief after these attempts to examine and experience the abstract, or the occult? Escapism of a kind...?

It is easier to suffer the turmoil that my list of suspects silently heap on me than go through the motions of a self inflicted spirtual sojourn. When reality poses a problem meditation further confounds and compounds it. And that is my humble conclusion. I will go to work again tomorrow, yes!

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