Thursday, December 28, 2017

On meeting Guruji at the airport...

12th July 2017

Love is a many splendoured thing.

I had the privilege of meeting GURUJI at such close quarters at the airport this evening thanks to our ever- dependable Shrey.

Argentina, Seattle, and devotees from as far as Boston had arrived at the airport just then for the WCF... unsettling me as I was getting nervous and jittery about my first meeting.

Believe me .....for me this was the first time and I was speechless in wonder finally  seeing him floating into my range of vision. Stunned into a sheepish mode I was paralysed and ran out of words till Shrey prompted me to speak out. When I sought his Blessings he asked me my name....

To me Bhakti was never something I experienced. I am a of this inane humanity. Simple and innocently selfish...perhaps.

I am however content tonight....for the time being. Feel like I did 4 advance courses. Ha.Ha.

When the world sways to his grace....there is innate pride. An unspoken unconditional connect. I can call this bhakti. Yes I have become spiritual...I am sure. Om Om Om

Jai Gurudev....

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