Friday, December 1, 2017

Lààta...The refresher.

That ceasefire Smile...
that quickfire sparkle;
remedy post an outage..
ever at ease to leverage
the Clan's warm lineage..

In all our troubled times
you rise duty bound..;
reach out to assuage,
withdraw to cement...
any unseen wound.

Now there to light up..
ever to lean on ;
now there to rear ..
even there to mother.
Yes we will all recall...!

Complex inner emotion
dilutes your ..
vague nuclear vision
and exposes...
'Laata the Phenomenon'

With Time and its' passage
the mind stays trained..
the body strained..
and some image,

Say your say like you always do..
Stay your way like we
all know you.
Sway all day

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