Wednesday, January 2, 2013


She is my only daughter. She was brought up and educated in Bangalore. After her graduation she took up her Masters in Mass communication and soon after that she was to intern at CNN IBN channel in Chennai. During these four months she got an offer straight into print journaIlism and joined The Economic Times as a journalist handling features for a good year and a half. And as was her ambition she got into NDTV - a metro Channel that was launched in Chennai and she fitted the role like a glove and then there seemed no going back. It is over two and a half years now and she has risen to become the unopposed, unannounced deputy head of the Features division doing anchoring, hosting, producing her shows that have reasonably good TRP ratings in a fiercely competitive market. Innovative and thus constantly ushering in change she is known to bring a sense of déjà vu to her colleagues and the viewers alike.

Despite her being constantly in the Media glare she is a very homely person and ideally blends her professional and private life with a flair that is seldom seen. Her innate nature to merge her modern learnings with her traditional leanings is a remarkable quality. Her limbs mystically conjure a mythological sequence in Bharatnatyam with the same ease with which they can swing and sway imaginatively to Michael Jackson's classic.... not to mention the gravity and speed- defying bone-crushing gyrations that liven crude rustic gaana numbers churned out in scores down south. Her social obligations notwithstanding she brings a rare charm when in the company or even in the thoughts of her family and friends. Her characteristic traits openly disclose an artistic bent of mind that reflects clear objectives, ideal goals and truly noble pursuits.

She lost her mother at the tender age of sixteen just when a mother's love and care would have mattered the most for any growing child stepping shyly into the intriguing world of adolescence. Her maturity to stomach this irreparable loss was a revelation to all family and friends. She turned a new leaf in her academics with reinforced nerves...emboldened by this loss. Her soft and seemingly mellow exterior hid an uncontained aggression in her that slowly surfaced and manifested in the form of her several bold initiatives that surprised all around her. Simple, distinctively belonging to a different mould altogether with a mastery over matters not seen before she metamorphosed into a woman with a no-nonsense approach to her pursuits... be it dance, music or her career. She needed neither a mentor nor an idol to emulate. She set her own invincible path and made bold, confident strides ahead. Fearless and with a matter-of-fact manner she gate-crashed into areas that opened newer and bigger opportunities her way, not in the least concerned about the results or rewards. She has chosen a path for herself unlike most other girls of her age.

When I confront her with the proposal of getting her married she raises an eyebrow that mocks me with the unspoken statement.."Now what Dad ?” And as for me I know that there aren't enough of her ilk out there to be worthy of even wooing her leave alone marry.

That brings me to the abject reality of her marriage. Making it difficult to even remotely visualise a suitor next to her holding her dainty hand. Is he out there...anybody worth his salt?

If she is the yet-to-be crowned Princess where is the ugly fabled frog that her gentle touch alone will transform into a Prince in shining armour????

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