Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off the cuff on 29th May2012-a quiet recall

Marketing and positioning an off-shoot of a renowned name in the retail and commercial sector needs a broader vision to comprehend on how to arrive on the scene. Analytical thinking and perhaps a sensitivity analysis could provide some clues! On a crowded, me-too sector like the Residential do we tom-tom aloud our past glories and achievements or resort to gently prodding the public intellect with the quiet distinguished ease of a leader high on confidence and low on flaunt factor…? Do we shake or stir them up? I am in deep thought and am writing what comes to my mind and pondering at the same time. Please bear with me if you are in a hurry because I am not…

A great location! A premium development! Unheard of proximity to places that matter! An international place of worship for a backdrop! Catchment of a kind not easily seen before! Back all this with an irresistible offer? And palm off the lot soon? Or take measured steps punctuated by intelligent pauses? Move gracefully like a ballet artiste and reach a crescendo and let the curtain come down? Leaving a hush in the aftermath of the sensation called ONE BANGALORE WEST…?

One Bangalore West, arguably so, offers itself as one of the rarest subjects for a seldom done case study in a high-end Marketing B School! Even before arriving on the scene! Like a blockbuster movie in the making by a celebrated production house! While anticipations run high everywhere any long wait heightens, deepens and finally dampens the curiosity element. Making it all the more mysteriously enigmatic and truly wait-worthy in every manner and respect!

And now when the same tongues that wagged will soon go speechless in awe at the very mention of the word LAUNCH, the team that worked hard behind the scenes all these years will create another masterpiece as effortlessly as they did their empire and move on to unravel other mysteries in their relentless pursuit to perfection.

I am still in thought when I am beginning to enjoy the agitation in me as I toss and turn in my bed trying to bring in visions of the several hundred people that I will soon be talking to with my team following me closely…. the animated expressive faces that will listen to me in fascination when I will have got them a place to stay and will also have earned one for myself in their hearts…! Like in the past when I sold certain things….which I sold to myself first…!

I truly feel like a newly married, immensely excited husband whispering sweet-nothings endearingly to his patiently waiting bride…. If these raging thoughts (or the foreplay) are any indication of the shape of things to come I am well on course to rocking….!

Standby for the explosion…!

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