Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sahaj Samadhi ... mediate to meditate..

The Sahaj Samadhi course I attended, thanks to the perseverance of Shrey whose passion we all know is contagious, turned out to be good enough to provide me some answers to my ever restless mind.

Meditation to me has long been a series of miserably failed attempts after sitting cross-legged with eyes squeezed shut for barely six fully conscious minutes.

I have blogged on my elusive search to figure out how people really meditate challenging them to prove that they did. Did they discover themselves? Go deep into their own selves and speak to their own souls? The thoughtless state? Nirvana? Stripped of the material clothing of worldliness and materialism.? Wasn't that or even a brief glimpse of that considered the gateway to meditation?

Well well Ms Rajalakshmi Sampathkumar took us all through a one way journey in the beginning and got interactive in the end today and answered queries. The highlight of the whole session was that with GURUJI'S direct blessings each one of us were blessed with a unique mantra. This mantra is like a shield or an armour for us. Much is left to our faith of course.

But well you have got something to bank upon now when you sit cross-legged next. She told us that yes what we were doing so far is meditation in its entirety. Don't give up. Flowing and powerfully flowing thoughts like mine are indeed the very ideal manifestation of good meditation. The purging away of these thoughts with the help of the sacred the solution to all our search for the most pristine form of meditation.

Thank God. I have my mantra now and I am reassured that I am on the right track. Meditation is no rocket science....and all is well with my limited assessment of my spiritual leanings.

Thanks Shrey and the many mentors AOL has in its growing empire. Count me in.

Jai Gurudev!

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