Thursday, January 3, 2019

Have I lost...?

Not much as I thought it was...
a quick glance forward...and I knew;
Age caught up faster than I sped...
do I now compete or withdraw...?

Been this for some seasons I know .... beat'n her in straight sets..till now..
She has that advantage point..I know
like a vanquished star i step back now.

Bowing to the booing crowd I retreat..
Now aloof, cold and distant...
Was this the same audience...rapt
in attention once danced and clap'd?

All these years had 'em all flor'd...
Thrilled they were they came n roared
Every show they whistled n cheered
growing old.. my charts still soared ...

Good for now..done and dusted clean.
and make sure the floor had the sheen
Look now for that red exit sign....
gently step out and resign.

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