Saturday, October 19, 2013


In conducting the wedding of my daughter Prat there was divine intervention and this was manifested in the form of several looming personalities whose presence made all the difference.... as the three days of extravaganza unfolded. 

Harish and Deepa, the invincible couple who stormed in and out daily with a task sought, a few more accomplished or under execution.... more dependable than a hundred event managers; Kannan, my cousin, doubling up as my man-friday, coming in and taking physical charge clearly a week before the wedding; Vidya for her flawless counting and accounting; Aruna and Harish, the dependable duo, for all errands that mattered, clothing included; Sharan, Manju, Shreyes, Govind, Shivu, Sharat, Khaleel and his boys for all events leading to the wedding; Prasanna with his assortment of musical instruments and talent; my brother Murli and my nephews Kannan, Prabhu and Anand who chipped in and broke records of chemistry, commerce, compassion and contribution; my lovable Chandru Anna and Bhabi for their sheer inspiring and soothing presence; Latha for her immeasurable customary involvement from start to finish; Murthy athimber, the Bheeshma Pithamaha of this family for his ever-in-store blessings; my sweet saalis Bhavani and Ramya in catalysing all preparatory work; Durga Devi my Milaw, for her advisory role; Sand, my selfless wife, who patiently spearheaded the wedding in content and quality; and many many others who were all there in some form or the other to see the wedding through to its clockwork precision-photo finish!. Thanks Baba for waving that wand of yours just in time to enable this discovery of such wonderful people around me! 

I am blessed in abundant measure! Let me unburden myself soon from this heavy load of piled up gratitude. 

Thanks ONE and ALL. 

Om Om Om! 

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